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Clart by Clargie

The 10½ Clomandmends of The Clifestyle

1. Clove yourself you are valid and worthy of respect.

2. Wear Clakeup as much as you possibly can.

3. Be tolerant of the way others live their clives as long as they don't hurt others.

4. Cluck the Claters. If someone wants to have a constructive discussion, join em. If they want to talk shit, cluck em. You are better than that and don't let anyone think that they are above you.

5. Don't be violent, use your words. That being said, if someone uses violence towards you, an appropriate and equal response is warranted.

Dont let anyone tell you who to be.

6. Be resilient. Its not about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Get help, demand help. Cleverything can always be better. Don't settle for anything.

7. Be open to new ideas. Break norms. Not cleverything has to be the way it has clalways been. You can't change the clworld if you go along with the herd.

8. Furries are not accepted into the Clifestyle, but let them be as long as they let us be. Peaceful coexistence is possible.

9. Recognize that people are weak, and that is okay. No one is perfect, no one can handle the whole clworld by themselves. To admit this, is a great strength. We are all in this together, for eachother. There is no shame in working together.

10. Preach the Clifestyle anyway you see fit.

(celebrate clindividuality)


Chapter of the British Isles

Lil Shepp, UK.

cLil London, UK.

Clayconeycubby, UK

Lil Cark, UK

Lil Wubz, England

Lil Cligga, England

Lil Spit on me, England

Lil clarab, Dublin, Ireland

Lil Bourbingus, Ireland

Chapter of Canada


Lil Clurry Cluck Boii

Lil Large
Lil Castile

Lil Closet Clomosexual

Lil Ciley

Lil Climax, Manitoba

Lil' Clarthritis

lil click

Clit Clicker

lil clervert, Quebec

Chapter of Southern USA

Lil Braum, Tennessee

Lil Clydro, Tennessee

Lil Molly Pop, Texas

Lil Texan, Texas

lil king, Texas

Lil Potato Chip, Texas
Clarianna, Texas

Lil clumshot, Texas

Lil Yeastus, Texas

Clavier Clabanero, Virginia

Lil Clancy, Virginia

Clonichu, Virginia

Lil Clarlboro, West Virginia

Clenis, Alabama

Clit, Alabama

Claygar, DC

Lil Banana, Florida

Lil E, Florida

Clay Cloney Clubby Clina, Florida

Lil Whit, Florida

Lil Clazebo, Florida

Lil rust bucket, Florida

lil rubbish, Florida

Calamity or Lil Bitch Feet, Clorida

Lil Clunt, Florida

Lil Lampshade, Georgia

Lil Macaron, Maryland

lol clum, Maryland

Lil Clat Clommy, Tennessee

Chapter of Western USA

Lil Layingdown, Alaska

Lil Igloo, Alaska

Lil Endy, Arizona

Lil Dungus Porporro, Arizona

lil lil lil, Arizona

Lil Fivate, California

Clipper, California

Clea, California

Lil b, California

Claaron the Clown aka Lil Sage, Colorado

Lil Chronicbacterialprostate, Colorado

Lil Clubby, Oregon

Claustin aka Lil Terpene, Washington

Lil Popper, Washington

Lil Clatty, Washington

M.P. CLucklin, Washington

Lil CIAsh, Utah

Chapter of Midwestern USA

Lil Klare Bear, Idaho

Lil Bigg Dick, Idaho

Lil Wendy's, Illinois

Clubby & Cltri, Indiana

Lil Clowndyke Bar, Indiana

Cligger, Iowa

Clunt, Kansas

Lil Condo, Michigan

lil pump-action, Michigan

Lil Jayden, Minnesota

Lil Kimberly, North Dakota

Clani, Ohio

Lil Bob Maker o Baloon Animals, Ohio

Lil Mydniterose, Ohio

Clyan, Ohio

Lil Cluly, Ohio

Chapter of Northeastern USA

Lil ReGoddess, Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Lil Cluscious Clrotum, Connecticut

Lil Batty, Massachusetts

Lil Juanito, Massachusetts

lil cyanide, Massachusetts

Lil Cuck, New York

Lil Tac, New York

Lil EmanICE, New Jersey

lil sun dance, New Jersey

Lil J, Pennsylvania

Lil CLOVID-19, Pennsylvania

Lil Clain, Vermont

I take The Pledge
Fuck this Bullshit

Cleople that have applied but have not yet sent in their Clake Up picture:

lil hot mom clexer, Bermuda

Lil Fannypack, Costa Rica

Clennja, United States

Lil No, United States

Lil Mungus, United States

Lil Cligga #2, United States

Lil Pia, United States

Lil Herpes, United States

lil spilled milk, United States

lil clarinet, United States

Lil Chloroform, United States

Big Dexxy, United States

Clarson, United States

lil clitoris, United States

Lil Lesbian, United States

Clarambe, United Stayches

clenis, United States

Lil retard, United States

Lil Potato, Australia

Lil Gherkin, Australia.

Clunge Wizard, Australia

lil faget, Victoria, Australia

Lil Smeagol, Australia

Clickell Pickell, Australia

Lil Claussie, Australia

lil clunt, CLAustralia

Lil ClarenceParents, Germany

Clerman aka Lil Wehrmacht, Germany

Lil boy, Holland

lil cluddy, Kenya

Lil Clernanez, Netherlands

Clim Clong Clun, North Korea

Clancer, Norway

Cladolf Citler, Norway

Clitorus, iraq

Lil Insane, Sweden

Clanser, Sweden

Clitoris, Sweden

Yeetus, Nigeria

Lil Wayne, Zanzibar

Lil Calculatorbackback, Pakistan

Lil Big, Thailand

Lil Cathy, New Zealand

Clomas, New Zealand

Unassorted Clamily Members

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